Business Banking
"For me, Job #1 is finding the best people. Then I make sure they have everything they need to help you succeed." Tom Hough, CEO, Carrollton Bank

What if you could work with the same banker for years and years? What if you could call your banker, and they’d call you back? And what if you could get decisions in days, not weeks?

Since 1877, we have refined our approach to business banking, staying up to date, but sticking with what business owners tell us they like:

  • Deal directly with the decision maker –Get faster answers and custom-tailored solutions from our senior officers, because as owners, they have the authority to do it.
  • Enjoy a long-term relationship with a seasoned banker –You don’t have to repeatedly start from scratch with new bankers. We attract and retain outstanding bankers, by offering them the stability to build solid customer relationships.
  • Get the products you need, the service you want –We offer the same array of loans, leases and cash management as other banks. Beyond that we follow through on promises, do what’s right.

The first step is to talk with a Carrollton Banker near you.

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Loan Committee

Area business owners tell how quick decision-making has helped them respond to challenges and opportunities.

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